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Ebola Not An Epidemic, Confirms WHO


WHO spokesperson reported, that Ebola cannot be considered as an epidemic, as they have been able to restrict it to one geographical area. What makes it very difficult to bring under control is that it is already very widely spread.
83 have died of Ebola in Guinea, which is killing about 25% to 80% of the affected. Unfortunately the disease has spread to the capital of Guinea, Conakry. Conakry being affected, which is populated by about 2 million people, is grave news. This had led to the complete cut off of the state capital with the other areas, badly affecting the trade and commerce of the nation. Many other nations, like Saudi Arabia, have also completely closed its borders fro Guinea which is a major worry for the nation’s government.

It has been discovered that bats, that is a regional delicacy, are the carriers and cause of the disease. Its consumption has been strictly banned. This is where the disease has originated and had started spreading from, the forest region.

The neighbouring nations have been advised to stay closed as an attempt to combat the disease and also to check its spread as an epidemic. But unfortunately its neighbours Sierra Leone and Liberia have also reported cases of Ebola recently.

This virus, found mostly in the tropical region is extremely dangerous as it leads to haemorrhagic fever, diarrhoea, muscular cramps, vomiting and in rare but later stages multiple organ failures and bleeding that may lead to death.

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