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Eating Disorders in Young Males Are Often Overlooked

Young Males

Charity Beat stated that men are seen under pressure for conforming to the “ideal” body image. Researchers believe that young people, especially with an eating disorder, are not getting any help and the much-needed support.

Young Males

A recent UK study suggests that men are undertreated and under-diagnosed for anorexia and similar eating disorders. According to a report in BMJ Open in young men, eating disorders are identified through a key role that frontline health workers have. Charity believes that men are always under pressure of possessing the ideal body in modern times, and it’s no longer the women who’re figure conscious now!

Recent study conducted by the researchers of Oxford University and Glasgow University interviewed young people in the age group between 16 years and 25 years regarding how they are treated for problems of eating disorders. And, it was found that compared to women, men face more pressure with respect to maintaining their body.

Models and celebrities are expected to have the perfect body, and it is reported that many young men are not properly treated, diagnosed or researched regarding problems associated with eating disorders. This is mainly due to the lack of awareness of the symptoms of such disorders. Some men even admitted that they believe that eating disorders strike only young delicate girls, while some mentioned that they thought that it is only a girl’s problem!

Men need to meet doctors and health specialists to understand these problems; parents play a key role in informing and letting the teens realize that they could be a victim of the disorder too. A lot of courage is needed by men to speak to the concerned person to be diagnosed with eating disorders. Anorexia is a common eating disorder, and unfortunately, cost of curing such disorders is estimated to be very high at the moment.

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