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Eating Disorders Within Men Often Go Unnoticed

Anorexia nervosa

When we think of eating disorders we usually apply them to women, simply because they are “more worried” about their appearance than the common man would be. The common staple that only women can suffer from eating disorders is about to be broken, as it seems like men with these type of disorders often ignore the symptoms.
Anorexia nervosa
A new British study has provided sufficient evidence that men whom suffer from eating disorders often don’t seek the help that they should be looking for, it’s almost as if they were asking for directions! “Men with eating disorders are under diagnosed, under treated and under-researched,” stated Ulla Raisanen, team leader of the steady from the University of Oxford. The kinds of eating disorders we’re talking about here would be anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. The researchers took the time to interview 29 separate women alongside 10 different men, all aged 16 to 25 and whom have been diagnosed with eating disorders of their own.

Amongst the two groups it was the men who stated that it took a longer time for them to realize what was happening than it should have, and that they weren’t even aware that they had an eating disorder before they could notice the physical signs. The other signs that one should look out for pertaining to an eating disorder include obsessive calorie counting, excessive exercise and weighing, as well as going days without eating a meal.

The key reason as to why it took the men much longer to figure it out was simply because only women were thought to contract such a thing, which is a rather ludicrous statement to make (although from most views it seems understandable). The men also stated that they didn’t seek help right away because they thought that they would be taken for a joke, or didn’t even know where to go to treat such a problem.

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