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Do e-cigarettes cause lung problems? New Study


It seems like the e-cigarettes we have come to know as healthier alternatives to smoking therapy aren’t so healthy after all. A new study presented at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting in San Diego, Calif. regarding the matter on e-cigarettes being unruly bad for you, but that isn’t stopping people form buying them. The sales of these particular products have shot up 340 percent in the recent year, Britons started resorting to these rather than the common cigarette.
A study has been looking at the biological effects of e-cigarette use, and it seems as if the gene mutations occurring in smokers lungs are strikingly similar to the ones occurring in e-cigarette users lungs. A team of scientists grew their own bronchial cells in groups, they exposed one to e-cig vapours and compared the results to the other group exposed to tobacco. The mutations of both were so similar that it seems like e-cigarette use may not be the best thing for you to be doing after all.

“E-cigarettes may be safer, but our preliminary studies suggest that they may not be benign,” stated Avrum Spira, whom is the studies author (as well as a genomics and lung cancer researcher at Boston University). Although there isn’t any tar present in the e-cigarettes vapours, the mutations clearly speak for themselves, it seems as if e-cigarette usage isn’t that far of a stretch when it’s compared to regular smoking.

Further experiments regarding the matter are planned, as one of the smoking therapies used to help recovering cigarette smokers shouldn’t be dealing damage in its own right! Spira wasn’t able to give us an answer to question of whether e-cigarette use increases the risk of cancer or not, but the evidence seems to point the finger at this product; could it possibly be that bad for us?

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