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E-Cigarettes Bill Faces Debate In Florida


Electronic cigarettes’ bill to restrict selling to minor in Florida is facing opposition from a coalition of anti-tobacco activists. They are opposing about a clause that, if passed, will handover all the power to legislature and not the local governments.

The health groups that rallied against the bill in capital Tallahassee included Students Working Against Tobacco and the American Lung Association. They said House Bill 169 has hidden agenda.
The groups added further that the new bill would overturn existing ordinances and wipe out tobacco regulations in 28 cities and 28 counties.

An FSU student representing Students Working Against Tobacco, Kahreem Golden, said the bill is unenforceable and also a gimmick by the tobacco industry.

However, Rep. Frank Artiles, R-Miami, said the bill does not carry the intention of loosening the laws.

He is sponsoring the bill with Rep. Ronald Renuart, R-Ponte Vedra Beach. He added further that they are trying to have uniformity throughout the state of Florida.

Electronic cigarettes, also commonly known as e-cigarettes, are smoking devices operated by battery. It turns liquid nicotine into an odorless vapor and gives the same feel like a real, traditional cigarette. It does not contain tobacco. Critics say the e-cigarettes too are dangerous as it may not help in quitting cigarette smoking as claimed. Also, its side effects are still not proven.

The devices are targeting mostly the teenagers to drive sales.

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