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E-Cigarette Marketing to Be Regulated by FDA Appealed As They Pose Serious Threat to the Youth

A report was issued this Monday explaining the marketing tactics used by electronic cigarette companies in United States. According to Senator Dick Durbin, the tactics used by these companies are not in line with that of Food and Drug Administration. He hopes that this report will bring this issue to the attention of FDA to take action.

Apart from Senator Durbin, the report shows that there are other 11 Democratic lawmakers who have also raised the same concern. They have initiated a joint investigation to check the marketing activities of e-cigarette companies NJOY King, LOGIC, Vuse. MarkTen, V2 cigs, Blu, white cloud, Green Smoke and EonSmoke. The reports showed that these companies have increased their marketing techniques, which also involved attracting children. For instance, the senator quoted that these e cigs come in candy flavour which will likely make a minor get addicted and disturbing report show that they are gaining popularity among children which is a very serious public health threat.

The report has also identified that these companies, which are owned by some tobacco giants are marketing the product and giving out samples to children. He further added that this is the right time for the FDA to step in to protect children of America. Supporting Durbin’s view, US Representative Henry Waxman had also requested the FDA to set up regulations, just like traditional cigarettes.

Emphasising the need to set rules and regulations Mr Waxman added that, it took decades case before setting very strict rules and regulations on the traditional cigarettes, but it would not take a longer time to do so with e-cigarette manufacturers because it is obvious that they are marketing their products to kids. For instance, they are sponsoring youth oriented event and also manufacturing youth flavours like candies, chocolate, cherry and mint. A further study to understand the benefits of e-cigs should also be initiated because, the e-cigarette companies only claim of benefits, but how one has benefited is not known. Further, this shows that the risk is very clear Mr Waxman said.

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