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E-Cigarette Laws Need To Be Updated According To Congress


There has been a rather enthusiastic uproar concerning how dangerous e-cigarettes actually are to the human body, it seems as if congress is sharing the same train of thought. There have been plenty of studies relating to the effects of e-cigarette use in humans, and some have given us some pretty crazy stories. The devices are supposed to help people curb their habits regarding smoking, but it may be doing more damage rather than avoiding it.
They’ve become incredibly popular simply because many cigarette smokers look at the risks of smoking and don’t like what they see, but they don’t exactly have the willpower to quit “cold turkey”. The use of e-cigarettes is at its highest number yet, so all of these accusations and problems regarding them couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Although the device means well, it seems as if there isn’t as much of a buzz these days. Legislation has taken it upon themselves to extend the laws pertaining to cigarette smoking all the way to e-cigarettes. In retrospect, you shouldn’t have an addiction to cigarettes unless you’re old enough to purchase your own, so this might have an effect in the long run. It seems as if plenty of the studies that have to do with e-cigarettes are focussing on the younger group of people in the world, the youth that are able to be molded (mind-wise, that is).

“I can understand why the FDA is taking this long,” stated Senator Durbin, whom is rather passionate about the matter. “It is clear that the longer they wait, the more young people will be addicted.” If we’re going to protect our youth from the effects of smoking, we’re going to have to do a lot more than brush e-cigarette problems off of the table.

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