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Drinking Coffee Can Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Drinking Coffee

Coffee has remarkable influence in curbing Alzheimer’s. A recent study by German and French researchers has shown that coffee has impacts on the tau deposits in Alzheimer’s disease. Tau deposits are the protein bodies, which hamper the communication between nerve cells in the brain. They are as important in this disease as beta-amyloid plaques.

Drinking Coffee

The brain cell has receptors which are activated by adenosine in Alzheimer’s. Caffeine has adenosine receptor antagonist that stop the brain cells to be activated. So it does bind with the same, but does not stop neural activity.

The adenosine receptor subtype A2A, plays a crucial part in triggering the brain cells. Researchers headed by Dr Christa E Müller from the University of Bonn, have developed an ultrapure and water soluble compound MSX-3, which is A2A antagonist. It blocks the adenosine receptor in the similar way as caffeine however have less harmful effects. This study was done on mouse model, and has shown remarkable results. Even better results were seen on memory tests. Coffee has components which act like A2A antagonists. The A2A antagonist is found to deliver positive results on spatial memory. The molecules also trigger the activity of hippocampus, which is responsible for overall memory.

The findings for the same have been published in the journal Neurobiology of Ageing. Till date there is no cure to Alzheimer’s. There are efforts been put by the scientific community in developing new class of drugs to better handle this disease. Dr. Muller says that finding the antagonist is a good step forward. Further clinical trials are of course a necessity. A2A has marked positive effects on animal models, and remarkably stops the further progression of this disease. So the take home message is to indulge in coffee drinking to at least two cups a day to stop progression to Alzheimer’s.



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