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Downfall in Smoking Habits in Real Life Related to Reduction of TV Ads during Primetime Slots

Smoking Habits

The prices of tobacco goods have had a bigger impact on consumption rates and a new study now claims that less tobacco ads on peak time TV could be the contributing factor. Television has always been blamed for promoting tobacco and smoking habits. The pairing of cigarettes and beautiful ladies or handsome hunks in Hollywood is blamed for promoting smoking as a part of luxe, and lifestyle. Surprisingly, cartoon icons, like Fred also shown to be fagging on TV in 1950s.

Smoking Habits

These days, we aren’t seeing too much of cigarette or tobacco consumption on television and movies, due to 1964 Surgeon General’s statement regarding health risks associated with smoking. After few years in 1970, Public Health Cig Smoking Act was released, which banned smoking ads on TV.

Though it is stated that the price of tobacco has a major impact on usage rates, the lack of ads during primetime on television has been a driving factor. Research had been conducted on 1838 hrs of peak time TV slots in the United States from 1955 to 2010 and recorded cases of tobacco being displayed, such as purchasing tobacco products, handling them or smoking.

The cases per hour of programming fell from 4.69 to 0.29 from 1961 till 2010. Analysts also compared the rates of smoking on TV to American inhabitants in the same era and discovered a drastic drop in consumption. Nearly 50 percent of Americans were smokers in 1964 in comparison to 20 percent now.

After the changes in tobacco costs and other influencing aspects, the report showed that 1 fewer smoking scene on hourly basis on television over 2 years of programming could cause a drop of 2 packets of cigs per adult annually. The impact of prime TV screen is very powerful, according to the researchers.

Though these researchers are showing positive results, there are still many TV series that showcase smoking and tobacco usage, which may be responsible for continued smoking habits.

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