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Dog Detected Cancer Before Medical Scans Could. Saves Owner’s Life

Dog Detected Cancer

A dog started acting strange suddenly and the owner Maureen Burns began worrying. She thought the 9-year-old collie cross named Max may be sick. But the fact was just different. The dog was not sick. In fact Maureen was. She had breast cancer.

A BBC Earth video cites Maureen describing odd signs of Max that he started exhibiting. He would touch her breast with nose and depart desperately with unhappy and sad look in his eyes.
Dog Detected Cancer
Initially Maureen thought it was sign of fading as he was already 9-years-old. However, she took the sign differently too and got herself checked, second mammogram, which again turned out to be negative.

She didn’t stop there and underwent surgical biopsy and cancer was detected. After the surgery she found change in Max’s behavior and he returned to his earlier hyper attitude again.

Now Maureen is cancer free, as confirmed. The dog also waged his tail with happy eyes after cross checking her breast with nose.

In a report titled “Secret Life of Dogs,” BBC Earth writes dogs can even smell chemicals of cancerous tumors.

It adds dogs keep a watch of humans every time and very well read the body language. They can smell our bodies for changes and in the case of Maureen it smelled cancer before any medical scans could pick up.

A study of InSitu Foundation reveals dogs are 88 percent specific and 99 percent sensitive in detecting breast and lung cancer in early stages. It only needs to smell the breath of a patient.

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