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Depression Linked To Increased Risk Of Heart Disease


Depression is an incredibly powerful condition to some people, it actually has the ability to affect you physically, as well as emotionally in extreme cases. When it comes to medical numbers, it’s stated that being depressed could put you at risk of suffering heart failure 40% more than the average person would. This is just another reason for treatments regarding depression to be looked into, because heart disease is most definitely something you don’t want to be dealing with.
Researchers from the Levanger Hospital (located in Norway) looked into this information and came out with rather consistent results, these results were presented at the European Society of Cardiology (which was also held in Norway at Stavanger). There were 63,000 people included in this study, they were monitored over the relevant period of 11 years. This happens to be the very first study (large-scale, that is) regarding the link between heart disease and depression; it seems as if the bond is much, much stronger than we had previously thought. During the trials time line, 1,500 people included had suffered from heart failure.

Researchers also produced evidence that those whom are categorized as “mild depressives” (which simply means having minor symptoms related to repression) showed a smaller increase in risk, sitting at a measly 5% increase. Although it’s significantly smaller, it could still play an integral part within peoples lives. Those who find themselves suffering from the mild or intense symptoms that come a long with much more “violent” cases of depression aren’t so lucky, as they’re part of the 40% group.

“Depression is disabling and it activates stress hormones, which in turn speed up the pulse and the breathing. Stress hormones also cause inflammation and plaque will be built up in the arteries. This causes the increased risk.” stated Lise Tuset Gustad, whom is the lead author of this particular study. It was said that the increased risk could be due to depressive people being unable to keep a healthy lifestyle going, but there is probably many other things to take into. These findings should encourage hospitals to scan their patients for signs of depression, if not to try and find causes for current illnesses than to try and prevent more problems from occurring. There’s no direct connection, however, as depression is just linked to the bodily changes that could put you at a higher risk.

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