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Cortisol Levels Play Prominent Part In Preventing Teen Car Crashes


Teenage drivers are a hazard in their own right (some would say!), but it seems as if teenagers whom have cortisol levels have a harder time getting into traffic accidents. If they have higher levels of cortisol when they’re responding to stress, it seems as if they might be in a better position than someone who would have lower levels when it comes to automobile crashes.Driver “As in other problem-behaviour fields, identification of an object marker of a specific pathway to teenaged driving risk promises the development of more personalized intervention approaches,” stated Marie Claude Ouimet, PhD, whom is from the University of Sherbrooke, located in Quebec, Canada.

The researchers who had made these findings made it public with a online publishing platform, JAMA Pediatrics. Car crashed, believe it or not, are the most common killers pertaining to teenagers. The inexperience behind the wheel adds to the fact that driving a car itself is rather dangerous if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. This is particularly true for those whom have just gotten their licenses and have only been driving for a few months or so. There has been research conducted before this study that showed low levels of cortisol leading to risky behaviour amongst people, so this could play a part.

In order to see if this scientific link pertained to driving researchers had to recruit 19 male and 21 female “specimens” to test out. They had all just gotten their licenses and were located in Roanoke, as well as Blacksburg, Virginia. They had the drivers selected complete a series of math equations, they stated that the highest score would get $60. After this they looked at the data, which measured the cortisol levels in the teenagers saliva throughout the math test.

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