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Coronavirus Attack Reported in Jeddah; Foreigner’s Demise Creates a Wave of Panic


A foreigner’s death has been reported in Jeddah, a Saudi city, due to a deadly virus attack. Also, 8 more people, including 5 health workers have been found to be infected with the coronavirus. This spread of virus has led to a new panic in the whole city.


The demise of the 45 year old man fetches the nationwide toll in the world’s most affected country to 68. However, the nationality of the demised foreigner has not been disclosed yet.

The Health Ministry in Jeddah announced the man’s death, and reported that 5 health workers – three men and two men along with three other people have been identified to be infected with the deadly virus.

The announcement was made after the panic over the virus being spread among the medical staff resulted in the closure of the emergency room at main public hospital of the city.

Abdullah Al Rabiah, the health minister had to visit the Jeddah hospitals in order to calm the residents down. The ministry disclosed the news by stating that the total infection cases by the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome that first came in September in the year 2012 has reached 189.

Also, Yemen reported its very first case of the coronavirus, Mers yesterday.

“Medical personnel have recorded one case of the coronavirus in Sanaa and the victim is a Yemeni man who works as an aeronautics engineer.” stated Ahmed Al Ansi, Public Health Minister.

So, this certainly isn’t good news for the residents of Jeddah, but they can only hope that the situation won’t worsen, and that the number of infected people would not shoot too high.

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