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Controlled Doses of Aspirin Increases Fertility Rates

Controlled Doses of Aspirin

Women who have undergone pregnancy loss recently can increase their fertility by taking small doses of aspirin everyday as per a new study. According to the study, the statistics show that over 40,000 Irish women miscarry year-on-year. Stillborn baby rate is over 500 per year, exclusive of the babies that do not survive after birth.

Controlled Doses of Aspirin

The study was conducted in the ReproMed clinic under the senior clinical embryologist and the director of this clinic, Mr Declan Keane. He informed reporters that this is excellent news for women and couple trying to conceive and coping up with loss. However, he added a note of caution that aspirin should be taken only after consultation from a medical advisor and only small doses will help in boosting the fertility.

The study was conducted over 1000 women who have undergone an early miscarriage by giving them a very small dose of aspirin every day. This was done for 6 months and follow up was done while they were trying to conceive. During the study, over 62% of women who miscarried previously after going through a dose of aspirin conceived successfully. These women under the trial delivered healthy babies as well. This study has shown that controlled doses of aspirin not only increase the chances of getting pregnant, but also giving live births.

Researchers say that the reason behind this is that that controlled doses increases the flow of blood to the womb. However, the survey did not reveal any difference in the loss rate but what it did was that women who have undergone recent pregnancy loss, conceived quickly and also delivered the hell they live babies.

As per the National Institute of Health, though aspirin increases the percentage of fertility it does not prevent miscarriage as it is believed to do so.

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