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Control Your Weight with Morning Sunlight Exposure


Weight control has remained one of the major issues for many obese patients around the globe. Although, there are many ways to control your weight and get a healthy lifestyle, but new reports have come in regarding new study that claims that exposure to morning sunlight can actually help people to control their weight in a better way.
sunAccording to a new study published in PLOS One, people who got most of their daily exposure through morning sunlight have significant lower BMIs compared to those who get their sunlight exposure during afternoon time.

As per the new study, researchers from Northwestern University recruited 54 participants with average age of 30 years and using wrist monitors they keep tabs on the amount of morning light exposure, their activities and sleep patterns for seven days. The study also focuses on eating patterns through their food logs and found that the influence of morning light has affected their health considerably. It was found that 20% of the subject’s BMIs were affected by morning light exposure. The new study also claims that nighttime light exposure that comes from smartphones, tablets, laptops or TVs also disrupts our natural circadian rhythms and contributes to rising obesity rates.

The study also claims that spending more time in morning sunlight is not going to make a huge difference unless proper attention is provided to diet and exercise. However, it is clear that light is important to human body and that is certainly makes a difference and makes life better.

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