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Consumption of Diet Drinks Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Diseases in Older Women

Diet Drink

A recent study that was conducted in an informal fashion indicates that the risk of heart-related problems including stroke, heart attack and many others increases with regular consumption of diet drinks by postmenopausal women.

As per researchers, women who consume two cans or more each day were at a 30% higher risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases and had 50% more chances of dying due to such diseases. This study was deduced by analysing 60,000 individuals in the Women’s Health Initiative and the results were presented in Washington at the American College of Cardiology.
Diet Drink
Dr. Ankur Vyas from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics described the findings – “Our findings are in line with and extended data from previous studies showing an association between diet drinks and metabolic syndrome.” This syndrome was connected to a number of risk factors unique to heart diseases which included sudden weight gain, high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Studies that were conducted earlier have also indicated a link between weight gain in teens as well as adults and artificially sweetened drinks, which most likely increases the metabolic syndrome.

The requirements for participants were pretty simple; their age was around 62 and they have no history of cardiovascular diseases. In the questionnaire that was provided, the women were made to record their consumption of diet drinks for past 3 months. One drink meant 355ml (12 ounce) drink, which could include either sodas or fruit drinks in the diet category.
The follow-up period was for a span of about 9 years, after which, it was noticed that there was the presence of various combinations of heart related diseases like heart attack, heart failure, peripheral arterial disease, cardiovascular death and coronary heart disease found in 8.5% of the women who drank more than 2 cans a day.
It was then noticed that 6.9% of women had between 5 and 7 drinks a week, about 6.8% consumed between 1 and 4 drinks a week and 7.2% of them would have about none to 3 servings every month.

Dr Vyas concluded – “We only found an association, so we can’t say that diet drinks cause these problems.” He also added saying that there are various other factors that could explain the seeming link between the risk of heart related diseases and the consumption of diet drinks.

However, it’s always recommended to minimize consumption of such aerated drinks post the age of 50, and this study is yet another indication of the unforeseen trouble that could come your way if you continue to drink such diet drinks.

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