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Computers to Blame for Back Aches in Children

Back Aches in Children

In a recent research conducted researchers have found that majority of the complaints from kids for backaches are caused by the sedentary lifestyle they lead. With technology becoming easier to use and simpler to access, computers and mobiles are causing an increased risk of back related problems in kids. There are around forty percent children who suffer from backaches due to the use of some device of the other.

Back Aches in Children

Researchers have sent out a warning to parents that their teenagers are at grave risk from increases back or neck aches due to their deskbound lifestyles. A major cause for this could be the over use of technological devices. The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) research uncovered that 40 per cent of 11 to 16-year-olds in Britain have experienced back or neck pain. In fact, more than one in seven parents complained that their kids complained of some kind of back or neck ache resulting from using a laptop, tab or a desktop.

There were more than 460 parents put under the radar. They had kids of ages anywhere between 11 – 16 year olds. The survey revealed that one in every four teenagers was watching television for around 2 – 4 hours a day. About one-fourth of the kids spent the same amount of time on a laptop, tab or desktop computer. Chiropractors are realizing that there is a trend in the rise in the complaints from young kids due to their inactive lifestyle.

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has gone ahead and asked parents to limit the number of hours children spend with these technological devices. In fact, they have urged parents to encourage their children to take on more active pastimes such as riding a bicycle. Rishi Loatey, a BCA chiropractor said: “We are seeing more and more people under the age of 16 with back and neck pain and technology is so often the cause. Young people are becoming increasingly sedentary, which is damaging their posture.”

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