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Cold Weather This Late Affecting Spring And Pollen Allergies


Allergies are something most people can relate to, sometimes it’s the tiniest things that can bug us in the biggest ways. The late blast of cold weather we have this year is having a major effect on the pollen, and when everything is in bloom during Spring your body starts to fight back. Your sinuses get stuffy, your lungs get a bit wheezy and you’re just in a bad mood all around.
The recent blast of weather (as in the cold weather) means the maple trees aren’t pollinating when they were supposed to. This means that the late burst of pollen could lead to plenty of allergy reactions, but apparently it might not even be an “allergic” response.

If you aren’t allergic to anything you may feel something still, as this particular pollen has the ability to make you feel generally drowsy and tired, but also a few other symptoms that feel allergy-like (but wouldn’t necessarily be classified as allergies). “I don’t get the watery eye issue, but the sinuses definitely get a little clogged, my asthma is a little harder to control,” stated Todd Uherick, whom has been feeling the effects of the recent pollen rush. Thomas M. Fame, MD, stated that “This year it’s going to be particularly bad, as the maple trees are going to pollinate with all of the other trees.

They’re going to come out of the gates running, so it’s going to be a particularly bad tree pollen season.” Whether you’re feeling the itchiness of your eyes kicking in or a runny nose, make sure you keep your allergies in check whenever you can! As you can tell, this season is going to be particularly bad due to the pollen surges, so hopefully those who really can’t handle it don’t get hit too hard.

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