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Circumcision In Infants Declines By 6% In Last Four Decades


In a new study it is found fewer infants are being circcumcised now in the United States compared with that a decade ago. It adds between 2005 and 2010 the number of circumcised American men aged between 14 and 59 increased to 80.5 percent from 79 percent but infants currently being circumcised have dropped by 6 percent over a period of last four decades.
The study further adds that in the 1960s the number of infants circumcised were about 80 percent and in 2010 it dropped to 77 percent.

It is suggested people should look at infant circumcision similar to what they look for childhood vaccination as it has health benefits too.

Researchers say those infants who have not been circumcised may contract an adverse medical condition in their lifetime and also risk contracting genital ulcer disease, penile cancer and several STDs. Cervical cancers, anal cancers, cancers of vagina, vulva and penis are also associated with the uncircumcised men.

It is also said that infants below the age of 12 months are 10 times more likely to develop urinary tract infection. For males above 16 years of age the risk is about three times.

The authors of the study says decline in infant circumcisions rates is due to rise in the Hispanic population and absence of government coverage in the states.

The Hispanic population are not familiar with the custom.

The authors further adds that circumcision should be included in public health policies.

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