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Cell Phones Linked To Erectile Dysfunction In New Study

Though it is unwelcome news for everyone across the world, but it is true mobile phones is linked to erectile dysfunction (ED). In a new study researchers are saying so. However, a large-scale investigation is yet to be done to this before the male population starts throwing the cell phones out of window.

Medical teams in Egypt and Australia have found a correlation between ED and carrying a mobile phone. The report is published in the Central European Journal of Urology.

A group of twenty men were involved in the study who complained about the problem in last six months. A group of 10 men, other than this, were also involved who had no such ED complains and were healthy.

Regarding the age, height, weight, total testosterone, smoking or exposure to other known sources of radiation there were no significant difference between the two groups.

All the subjects in both the groups were asked to complete the Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM) for evaluation of the International Inex of Erectile Function (IIEF) and a questionnaire designed to assess their cell phone usage.

The researchers found those men who suffered from ED carried their cell phones in switched-on condition for about 4.4 hours every day and those who had no such problem carried only about 1.8 hours with them.

Earlier too similar findings were made and cell phones were linked to increased risk of cancer like brain tumors. In 2011 cell phones were rated as “group 2B” in the gold-standard rating system by International Agency for Research on Cancer citing cancer risk to humans. However, till now no conclusive link has been found between the two.

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