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Caucasian Males The Most Prone To Becoming Colour Blind


Being colour blind isn’t something that is “new” in any sense, there are plenty of people who go throughout their daily lives without being to differentiate their colours. A new study has shown that white boys (as in Caucasian males whom are young at age) could be the most prone to being colour blind. The lowest risk was confirmed in black children (specifically boys), and girls are all around much less likely to become colour blind. Being colour blind is pretty much the sensation of not being able to tell which colours are which, as well as just not seeing them properly all around.
The most common case of this condition has to do with a genetic mutation that takes place within the body, said mutation makes it difficult to differentiate the colour red from the colour green. Researchers that were looking at this topic had tested around 4,000 preschoolers, all of whom were aged 3 to 6 (as well as all being California residents). They found that around 5.6 percent of the white boys were colour blind, as opposed to 3.1 percent of the Asian boys, 2.6 percent of the Hispanic boys, and 1.4 percent of black boys.

This may bring up a few questions, like what could possibly be the driving factor behind all of this? What makes white boys so prone to contracting the condition? When looking at girls, their range of colour blindness was minimal, with an average of 0 to 0.5 percent among all races; this was all stated in a study published in the journal Ophthalmology. The testers also went on to see that screening for colour blindness can begin around the age of 4, testing children early is important because you want to catch it soon as possible (being colour blind can affect their school work, as well as marks if you don’t take care of it properly).

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