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Can Depression Cause Heart Problems? New Research Says, Yes


Depression is a devastating and often debilitating illness. Researchers estimate that more than six million men in the United States have a depressive disorder. This is about one third of all adults living with depression in any given year.

A new study suggests that the depression may increase the risk of heart failure. In the study it is found depression may be linked to heart failure. It says the stress hormones in our body seem to be playing contributing role. However, more studies are still required.
Researchers studied about 1,500 people over the period of 11 years who had developed heart failure.

The lead author of the study, Lise Tuset Gustad, said the symptoms of depression increases change of developing heart failure and the risk is greater with the more severe symptoms.

Gustad is an intensive care nurse at the Levanger Hospital in Norway. She added that people who are depressed have less healthy lifestyle.

The study was presented at a meeting of the European Society of Cardiology in Stavanger, Norway, on Friday.

Gustad briefs that the depression triggers stress hormones and that leads to increased pulse and speeding breath. It also results with inflammation that may accelerate heart diseases.

In heart failure the heart fails in pumping enough blood through the body.

The early symptoms of depression are loss of pleasure and loss of interest. It is suggested to speak to close friends if one feels such. Even if it lasts, Gustad advises to see a doctor or nurse.

Depression is easily treated in early stages. Many times even without the need of any medication. Only talking to a professional is required.

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