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Cameras Embedded In Contact Lenses by Google to Aid the Blind

Cameras Embedded

Google has just completed an ambitious project and have filed for a patent application. This is for embedding miniature cameras into contact lenses which is said to help the blind. According to the patent filed, it describes how the wearers are able to control the camera via a highly enhanced system using the wearers blinking patterns.

Cameras Embedded

Each of the lens are designed in a way that they contain various camera parts and sensors that can be made to perceive light, color, specific objects, faces and motion without obstructing the vision of the wearer. This could a revolutionary product for people who are blind.

How, you ask? Well, this could help detect a busy road or an obstacle when a blind person is tried to navigate. The lens then send out a message to the a remote device, such as a mobile phone that in turn sends out an alert in the form of a voice activated command warning the wearer of the impending danger.

It was just earlier this year when Google had released a pair of lens that could detect the glucose levels present in the tears of diabetics. These lens had a minute glucose sensor and a transmitter that helped around 382 million diabetics keep a check on their insulin levels and adjust their doses accordingly. “We’re testing a smart contact lens that we built that measures the glucose levels in tears using a tiny wireless chip and a miniaturized glucose sensor,” explained the Google X project leader for the smart contact lens, Brian Otis.

The device looks and feels like a pair of real contact lens and contains two sparkling specks that are packed with thousands of minute transistors. These are circled by thin hair-like antenna that help send out the levels glucose found.


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