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Burger And Other Fast Food Contains Much Hidden Salt: Study


Just one burger contains enough salt that is recommended for entire day for an adult person. A research says salt levels in the Australian fast food are high.

Though the research says less salt is used, but health experts argues the reduction is not co-ordinated.
The overall salt content in fast foods has dropped in past four years, but it is found the levels of it in side dishes have increased.

The researchers compared salt content of over 300 fast food products over a period of four years and details of the finding is published in the Medical Journal of Australia.

Dr Elizabeth Dunford led the study and compared nutrition informatin on Dominos, Subway, McDonalds, KFC, Hungry jacks, Pizza Hut and more. She is from The George Institute for Global Health and the University of Sydney.

Salt consumed in plenty each day is not good for health. It causes high blood pressure and also leads to strokes and heart attacks. Studies have also linked it to stomach cancer and bone damage.

Dr Dunford is urging the Australian to follow the UK’s government-led salt-reduction program strategy. No other country has managed achieving such low levels of salt as UK.

She added further that the self reduction is the best cost-effective options for improving public health.

One another research says if the salt intake is cut in a nation by an average of three grams a day, about 6,000 deaths can be prevented a year.

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