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Boulder Thinnest, Huntington-Ashland Fattest Cities In America: Survey


A survey conducted by Gallup and Healthways reveals Boulder, Colo. is the thinnest city, least obese, in America and the fattest, most obese, is Huntington-Ashland, Oh.

The study was conducted between January 2002 and December 2013 for the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index and found the obesity rate increased by 27.1 percent.
In each of the metropolitan cities more than 300 adults participated in the survey and obesity levels were calculated using America’s Body Mass Index (BMI) scores.

The survey found about two in five residents are obese in Huntington-Ashland that accounts for 39.5 percent followed by McCallen, Texas (38.3 percent), and Haggerstown, Md. (36.7 percent).

Only 12.4 percent of people in the Boulder are obese followed by Naples. Fla. (16.5 percent) and Fort Collins, Colo. (18.2 percent).

The survey also adds obesity rates are rising steeply and in 2013 it hit a national high. The poor eating habits is attributed for it.

The organizers say such programs are needed that can help people in choosing healthy eating habits and also to show them how to lead active lifestyles. This will reduce the obesity rates.

The survey was based on telephone interviews by using random-digital-dial sampling to people living in metropolitan areas in the 50 US states and District of Columbia. Data of two years were clubbed together to enable same number of reportable cities as in prior years, when the totality of data collected exceeded 350,000 interviews per year, compared to the 178,072 interviews conducted in the year 2013. Cases not less than 300 were required for reporting per metro area.

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