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Blood Test Can Detect Lung Cancer: Research


In a new study it is found a simple blood test may help in diagnosing and tracking cancers. The research was conducted by Dr. Maximilian Diehn from the Stanford School of Medicine. He said the result is not a burst in the area, but they have got a lot closer.
Dr. Diehn has spent time in treating patients with cancer. He is a radiation oncologist. He has been also working to find ways in detecting the DNA that shed from a tumor and ends up in the blood of patients.

He said small amount of DNA is found and hence it is hard to detect. However, with the use of new technologies he is able to find the tiny amounts of DNA and scan it to look for mutations that come from tumors.

He added further that a blood test could not only help in detecting the presence of cancer in a patient but it will also monitor the cancer responds to various treatments.

In the current practice doctors wait for months or even years to confirm whether the treatment is working. There is just hope left meanwhile while the medication is under process.

Dr. Diehn said they have developed an exquisitely sensitive DNA test to know whether tumor is left in a patient and if it is left, they can try other promising treatments.

The new finding is published in the Nature Medicine journal and it writes the test is only specific for lung cancers.

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