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Bill Gates Advocates the Fight against Tropical Diseases

Bill Gates Advocates Diseases

Bill Gates has raised concern on how the world is not paying enough attention to tropical diseases. He urges the citizens of the world to wake up and fight against a group of little-known and long-forgotten, yet deadly, tropical diseases. These diseases are known to do as much damage as HIV, malaria or tuberculosis.

Bill Gates Advocates Diseases

The founder and former boss of Microsoft said in an interview to the Guardian that the money had to be made available even if the current economy was not exactly in the best of health. The money needs to be put to good use like mass transportation and delivery of drugs that can act as a preventative to diseases such as schistosomiasis and trachoma.

“I think we’ll be able to raise the money. It’s kind of like vaccines – you’d feel awful if you didn’t raise the money,” he said. But, “it may take us a few years to get up to where we are doing all these mass drug administration programmes at the intensity we’d like to.”

The evils of HIV are recognized by everyone, but the effects of this group of diseases are recognized and known by a few. Bill Gates said that most of these diseases are transmitted by parasites, flies and worms. The risk is as high as 1 in 6 people contracting it.

“If this was one disease and the entire burden was attributed to one disease, it would be right up there with the big diseases,” said Gates. “As a group … the human burden [in terms of disability] is pretty gigantic. I put this whole programme up there with what’s going on with malaria, what’s going on with TB, what’s going on with HIV – it’s something that people ought to be pretty excited about the progress that’s been made.”

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