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Bet On Losing Weight And Win Cash!

Losing Weight

You can now bet on your own weight loss and win a percentage of the pot if you meet your goal. As per a report from CNN you can go onto DietBet and bet on the amount of weight you are going to lose. If you manage to lose that amount of weight then you get a portion of the pot.

Losing Weight

One of the people who did take a chance and place her bets was Sara Lugger. She is 34 years old and weighed in at 342 pounds [155.129 kilograms] at her heaviest. She is 5.9 feet tall and had a body mass index [BMI] of about 50. She was a cynical at first and reluctantly placed her first bet of $5. She realized that all she had to do was lose weight and or a couple of bucks if the money wasn’t motivation enough for her to lose weight.

She was inspired by a friend’s success with DietBet and joined it. DietBet is a websites that stages private and public games where anybody can place a bet on their weight loss. Each game [bet] staged depends on the percentage of body weight you lose. So, for example if you plan on losing four percent you bet on that. Like you there are others who are betting on that as well. And users who reach their end goal split the pot among themselves.

Sara has battled obesity her entire life. In fact in the9th grade she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and doctors put her on prednisone and this made it difficult for her to lose weight. After her surgery in 2004, to fix colitis, she blamed her weight problem on her ‘poor habits’.

Once she signed up on DietBet she would wake up 30 minutes earlier each morning and did away with all the junk food. Since then she hasn’t looked back. She has won over $330 and has lost an amazing 140 pounds! “Turns out, I really like basketball,” she said with a laugh, “I’m finding me more, and that’s a really neat thing.”



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