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Bedtime Gadgets Lead To Sleeplessness: Study

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In a new study it is found about 60 percent of adults in Britain does not get enough sleep and researchers put the blame on electronic gadgets.

The research was led by professor Richard Wiseman from University of Hertfordshire and he said six out of 10 British adults does not get enough sleep in Britain. A year ago the figure was 39 percent.
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Prof. Wiseman added that the rising figure is extremely worrying as sleeping less than seven hours is below the recommended guidelines. He also said lack of sleep is linked to several problems such as cancer, diabetes and weight gain.

The blue light from electronic gadgets like smart phone and tablets suppresses the production of sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Hence it is suggested to avoid the gadgets at least two hours before going to bed.

Below are the 10 science-based tips for better sleep at night:

– Avoid smartphones, tablets and computers before going to bed.
– List down all the things to be done next day so there is no worries to keep remembering those even on bed.
– Tire the brain if not getting the sleep. Think of animal for each letter of the alphabet and this will help.
– Eat banana before going to bed. It will help in relaxing the body and brain as it is rich in carbohydrates.
– In case you have bad circulation, wear socks as it will keep the feet warm and bring sleep.

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