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Beards May No Longer Be Sexy


In a recent study conducted by researchers at the Australia’s University of New South Wales, it was found that beards may soon be out of fashion. Researchers went around and conducted a survey with around 1,500 heterosexual and bisexual women. They were shown an array of pictures of men with beards, clean-shaven and stubble.  There were around thirty-six photographs of 12 different men shown at the three different stages of beard growth.


It was discovered that when women saw pictures of men with beards, they preferred the ones who were clean-shaven. However, when they were shown pictures of men without beards, they showed inclination towards the ones with beards. The lead researcher of the study, Robert Brooks says that this effect may be due to the “negative frequency-dependent sexual selection.” It’s the natural human tendency to feel attracted to someone who stands out from the herd.

“Whether this scales to more nuanced judgments in the more complex and varied real world remains to be seen. But it suggests that beard styles are likely to grow less attractive as they become more popular. And that innovative new styles may enjoy a premium while they are still rare,” researchers wrote in a press release announcing the study.

Beards had gained popularity over the past year and facial hair was no longer frowned upon. The idea has become somewhat of a trend and especially caught on among the hipsters. In fact, it was found that in New York alone, men who were more fashion forward are spending up to $8,000 to fill out patchy areas of their beards. Brooks is of the opinion that these trends were set by icons like George Clooney and Joaquin Phoenix and people starting getting on the bandwagon just to keep up and look fashionable and more appealing.

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