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Be Prepared To Beat Spring Allergies On Time!

Spring Allergies

As comes spring so does the season for allergies. People usually are reluctant to visit physicians by not been able to pick up the signs. The Allergy and Asthma Foundation in America has come up with their list of most challenging places to live if one is prone to allergies. Pollen seeds from evergreens, pines, meadows, junipers are the predominant cause in this season. In US alone around 4o million people suffer for some kind of indoor or outdoor allergies very year. Data suggests that cities like Columbia and Charleston have reported more allergies than last year and Colorado and Greenville have controlled their pollen and have clean air to breathe.

Spring Allergies

Allergies are also inherited through genes, apart from the environmental factors. Dr. James Sublett, MD, and clinical professor of pediatric allergy at Louisville School of Medicine, adds, “Most allergies develop in childhood, but in some people, they develop later after exposure to environmental factors ‘flips the switch. The end result is a runaway response in the immune system.” The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, has warned that allergies like asthma attacks if not controlled in time can be life threatening and fatal.

Spring allergies can be treated if medications are administered on time and necessary precautions taken by susceptible people. The vulnerable time is mid February to end of March. A number of factors like grass, trees, budding flowers, moss and fungus, mites, rodents, and cat or dog fur can trigger allergic responses.

Allergies trigger inflammatory responses. It could lead to sneezing, coughing, skin rashes or reddening, mild fever and similar uneasiness can be felt by the victim. Immediate attention by health officials is essential for deteriorating further. Early understanding and knowing your allergies can make them go away earlier and better.

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