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Bacterial Meningitis Cases Confirmed in LA County

Three Meningitis Deaths

According to the latest news that has come from Los Angeles County three of eight patients that suffered from bacterial meningitis this year have died. The report also confirms that all the three men had sex with other men in the Los Angeles County.Three Meningitis Deaths The report also highlights the fact that all the three men that have died were HIV-positive gay men and that they would like to call in all the gay men in the region to be vaccinated against the disease. Los Angeles County health officials said that they would keep an eye on the situation and the best thing they would suggest is vaccination.

The Department of Health has confirmed and urged gay men to protect themselves against this invasive meningococcal disease that can occur because of having sex with HIV infected or multiple partners. On the other hand, the department also confirmed that all the three men that died had no direct contact with each other. At the moment the disease is considered as rare and sporadic and the department of public health is shying away from sharing more information on this issue but has indirectly declared the outbreak of this disease.

On the other hand, the department also revealed that four of the eight people who were infected with bacterial meningitis had sex with other men they died in February and March and were around 27 years old. The report also highlights that there are other men there are few who have recovered and are out of the hospital and one is still recovering.

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