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Autism Is Perceived Wrong By Many. Efforts Are Been Put Towards the Line of Treatment


The neurological disorder, autism is often misunderstood as mental retardation.  Autism has wide spectrum which needs careful understanding. The exterior signs of Autism are different in different age groups and ethnicity. Earlier detection is bliss as diagnosis is first step towards treating this disease. Worldwide researchers and doctors have acknowledged the fact that awareness is required among the families of patients. In this hope the month April is marked as Autism Awareness week by scientists at University of Utah, US. Dr. Deborah Bilder, psychiatry professor and his team are analyzing the autism prevalence data and continuing their research in order to understand the spectrum of disorders.


Autism is associated with behavioral changes with are exhibited from a tender age. Children often resort to clapping, talking on their own, they demand less, and are self involved. Some signs like flapping, running directionless and spinning are confused as mental retardation. Autism is associated with lack of social interaction, difficulty in communication and difficulty in speech and language.  Parents and onlookers should immediately visit their pediatricians and with their advise neurologists. Ages between 14 – 16 months, is the most vulnerable time to pick up the early signs. Speech therapy done is usually advised along with other parallel treatments.

In India alone more than 4 million people suffer from Autism and many thousands are undetected for. There are initiatives like Udaan, Tamana Autism Centre, School of Hope and few government aides that have joined hands for this cause. The hospitals have also contributed their efforts. Fortis Hospital, Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences department, Dr. Samir Parikh, has commented, “The treatment for autism is a multi-disciplinary approach. There is a wide spectrum and children fall in various ranges. So the treatment varies depending on the level of sickness.”

Internationally awareness towards diagnosis and treatment approaches to Autism is also rising and changing fast. We can hope that organizations and individuals join for this cause.

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