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Asthma Patients Should Strictly Avoid Junk Food: Researchers

Fat and obesity

In one of the latest studies for asthma researchers have found junk food effects too badly as it makes inhalers useless. The high saturated fat diets are responsible for this.

Researchers say eating of fast food and taking sugary drinks interfere with the relaxation of the airways. This is more worrying as it is found asthmatics tend to eat more such diets.
Fat and obesity
Doctors strictly now suggests asthma patients not to eat junk foods as they may risk their life more.

The study was conducted by Australian researchers who examined the Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII) to know more about the inflammatory potential of individual diets.

Researchers compared the DII of asthma patients with healthy people and found the strong link.

Professor Lisa Wood headed the study. She is the head of the Nutrition programme at the Centre for Asthma and Respiratory Diseases at the University of NewCastle, New Sough Wales.

She said her study found diets of asthma were more pro-inflammatory. It had higher DII score.

It is said for every 1 unit of DII score increase the asthma odds increased by 62 percent. The lung function too has been found reduced by one-tenth in one out of three patients with higher DII score.

Pro-inflammatory food includes bread, pasta, white rice, potatoes, hard cheese, soda, flour, baked goods, fruit juice and granola. General rule also says those products that contain sugar or flour are pro-inflammatory.

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