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Aspirin Use Is Apparently Beneficial To Pregnant Women

Pregnant Woman

It seems as if the common household cure we all know as aspirin has more used than just pain relief, it seems as if it could aid with the prevention of Preeclampsia in pregnant women. According to a federal task forces statement Monday, pregnant women could see a benefit towards taking aspirin. It helps prevent the contraction of preeclampsia, which could results in preterm birth and many other complications pertaining to the process.
Pregnant Woman
Aspiring isn’t necessarily recommended to patients during their pregnancy because it could have some repercussions (those being in the form of maternal consequences and fetal bleeding amongst other things). Although there are clearly negative effects to long-term aspirin use within pregnant women, low-doses could have a positive effect in the long run. This recommendation comes at the hands of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, which means that it’s a rather reputable one to follow.

The task force stated on Monday that women whom have had preeclampsia during their previous pregnancies should be taking aspiring on a daily basis, the specific pill they stated was the 81 milligram pill. This particular pill is most commonly referred to as “baby aspirin”, which is rather easy to get a hold of (they stated that you should use every single day after you’re 12th week of pregnancy).

Preeclampsia is something is rather rare, as it only affects about four percent of the pregnant women in the U.S. It’s usually treated through the use of certain drugs and many other types of therapies you would typically associated with these diseases. Micheal L. LeFevre, whom is the chairman of the federal task force, said that “it is actually one of the more common conditions that lead to complications in the mother and baby.”

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