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Antibiotics Are Beneficial for Kid’s Health!

Kid’s Health

A new study has confirmed that antibiotics improve the growth in children who are prone to malnutrition in developing and low income countries.  The findings reveal that infants and younger members of the populations are the worst affected. The research team from the University of British Columbia, McGill has analyzed data for growth among pre pubertal children from undernourished backgrounds. The results are convincing to believe that administration of antibiotics shows significant improvements in health of children. The findings are published in British Medical Journal.

Kid’s Health

The research head, Dr. Ethan Gough from the Faculty of Medicine under Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, confirmed improvements in both height and weight among kids.

There were 10 trials involved for this study which included around 4316 children. The participants were children between ages of one month to twelve years of age. All the kids who had been treated with this approach were previously undernourished. Children had stunted growth and weight was below standard, required for overall physical and mental health development. Dr. Amee Manges, another professor involved with this study also confirmed that antibiotic treatment showed positive effects on children.

The School of Population and Public Health, to which she was associated has also revealed increase in height up to 0.04 centimeters per month and that of weight to around 23.8 grams within a month. This case study has revealed the heart breaking scenario of stunted growth and malnutrition among infants across the world. For trails conducted in Africa the effects on heights and weights were significantly more. The youngest children have showed better development after administration of antibiotics.

Malnutrition within five years of age not only results in poor and stunted growth but is also a leading cause of mortality among infants worldwide. The World Health Organization recommends heavy use of antibiotics for children infected or exposed to HIV conditions, which can reduce the child death rates.

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