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An FDA Approved Antidote for Heroin Overdose


In a bid to help heroin addicts and their loved ones, the United States government has taken the decision to approve an antidote to heroin overdose. This could potentially help save the addict’s life as they and their loved ones wait on professional medical help to arrive or be administered.


The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] approved an antidote that could be administered to a person who has overdosed on heroin or even strong painkiller medication called opioids. The antidote will be a prescription drug that could be given to loves ones or caregivers to keep for emergencies. The antidote is called Evizo, and is actually a device. This device automatically injects within the body the right amount of the drug naloxone, which is a drug often used to treat opioid overdoses.

Naloxone is normally administered by a syringe by trained professionals in ambulances or even emergency rooms, but with the death toll rising due to overdoses, there has been a pressing need to equip loved ones with faster solutions than waiting on help to arrive. It must be noted here that Evizo is not a substitute for emergency medical care and anyone who does overdose on heroin or opioids should be given immediate medical attention.

This drug owes its approval to attorney general Eric Holder. He stated to the Senate that the committee needs to approach the heroin epidemic from a different perspective. He went on to say that they needed to have a “balanced approach” which included treatment, awareness, education and enforcement to take the country’s plaguing heroin situation head-on. Rather than dealing with it the way they did with the cocaine crisis by arresting people at large. He expressed that the US government has a small window of opportunity to prevent the heroin addiction from getting “even more out of control than it already is.”




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