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An ‘Exciting’ and ‘Dramatic’ New Treatment for Depression


The infamous and may we add illegal party drug ‘Ketamine’ might just be the answer to depression. In a recent study conducted by doctors in the UK they found some promising results this drug had to offer to treat clinical depression. Some people have depression that seems to be incurable and goes on for decades at a time. On taking small doses of this drug their symptoms seemed to have vanished within hours


As stated in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, this trial was conducted on a marginal group of 28 people. Interestingly it was found that they effects of this medication can last for months on end. Experts and researchers believe that the findings of this study could be a gateway to a whole new area of research.

Depression is common and affects around 1 in 10 people at some point or another during their lifetime. There are some common symptoms you can watch for to find out if you or your loved one is depressed so you can get help. If you have difficulty in concentrating and remembering certain details, find your anxiety levels on the rise, are feeling worthless and pessimistic or are losing interest in everyday activities then you might just be suffering from depression.

As of now there are various prescription drugs available to combat depression, such as Prozac. Some turn to behavioral therapies and there are yet others who remain immune to any type of treatment. A team at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust administered patient’s doses of Ketamine over a period of 40 minutes on up to six occasions. Eight of them showed improvements, out of which four had improved to a point where they were no longer deemed depressed. Lead researcher Dr. Rupert McShane said: “It really is dramatic for some people, it’s the sort of thing really that makes it worth doing psychiatry, it’s a really wonderful thing to see.” He went on to say, “[The patients] say ‘ah this is how I used to think’ and the relatives say ‘we’ve got [name of person] back’.”

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