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Amongst the So-Called Healthy Products, Honey is Just One of Thousands That Contain HFCS

How many times have you heard that Honey is healthy, because it has no HFCS (High fructose Corn Syrup)? Well, the truth is something else! For more than 2 years, many publications in the scientific field have informed that there is a trending practice, which is rather disturbing about a number of commercial distributors of honey to the general populace that they are unaware of.

A close investigation conducted by the Food Safety News concluded that over 75% of the honey on sale at retail stores across US has no pollen grain content, which makes it nearly impossible to find out the origins of this ‘honey’.

The FDA (Food and Drug administration) does not recognize honey that has absence of pollen grains but has not done much in terms of regularizing the products that are sold in the market. Tamara Ward, the agency press officer informed Food Safety News –  “The FDA has sent a letter to industry stating that the FDA does not consider ‘ultra-filtered’ honey to be honey”

She further explained – “We have not halted any importation of honey because we have yet to detect ‘ultra-filtered’ honey. If we do detect ‘ultra-filtered’ honey we will refuse entry.”

A good number of people in the honey industry and certain FDA officers of import expressed their doubt about FDA checking over 5% of the total number of imports of foreign honey that are regularly shipped into the country.

Stated below are a few benefits of PURE honey:

  1. Decreases gastrointestinal disorders like ulcers.
  2. Prevents heart diseases and many forms of cancer.
  3. Has combined properties of being anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.
  4. Decreases irritation in the throat and reduces cough.

The medicinal properties have been no great secret to the Indians who used it for over 4000 years. As per Ayurveda, it balances out the 5 elements apart from helping reduce weight, improving eye sight etc.

These are just a few main benefits, and the entire list of benefits is very impressive indeed, but the million dollar question is whether the consumers are getting the unadulterated honey that contains no HFCS!

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