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Amgen Experimental Drug For Melanoma Fail To Raise Survival Rates


Amgen INC has been n the process of developing a rug that should aid patients whom are inflicted with a melanoma. This new and experimental drug is supposed to treat a deadly form of skin cancer, but it seems as if it didn’t show an improvement in the overall survival rates (all of this is according to the study).
Amgen itself had stated that the drug met its primary goal of shrinking the tumours within patients, but it didn’t meet their secondary goal of improving the all around survival rates pertaining to melanoma cases. Melanoma affects a lot of people, whether you know it or now, so of course this drug is supposed to go a long way regarding the treatment of this cancer. It seems as if Amgen may have bitten off a bit more than they could chew.

The common events that the researchers had observed throughout the trial was the overall progression of the disease, which is a bacterial skin infection and a fever. ISI Group Analyst Mark Choenbaum had a lot to say about this trial, as well as the drug itself. He stated that the sheer fact that the drug failed to improve overall survival rates could play a major role in having it approved; it seems as if there may not be a commercial market for this product.

Amgen stated in June that the data from the study showed their drug had improved the overall survival rate 21% regarding the patients they used within the trial; but this was specifically for cases of advanced melanomas when you compared the results with the common white blood cell booster. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer people contract in the United States, but melanomas actually account for around 2% of all skin cancer cases (which isn’t very significant).

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