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America’s Most Obese Cities

America’s Most Obese Cities

Obesity seems to have become a big problem in American and yet there are some cities that are less obese than others. This problem has become even more rampant with the hectic lives we lead and the little time we have to devote to healthy living and eating. The most recent Annual Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index has gathered information on the most and least obese cities in the United States. Shockingly it was found that in the most cities where there were maximum number of people who were obese, at least one in three people where obese.

America’s Most Obese Cities

The city that stood at the top of the list as being the most obese was Huntington-Ashland, Ohio. Approximately 39.5% of people were reported with the Body Mass Index [BMI] of 30 or more. Huntington-Ashland, is a metropolitan area that is situated along the banks of the river Ohio. The study declared that it “has been among the 10 most obese communities every year since 2008.”

A second close contender would be McCallen, Texas. The report went on to reveal that “In two U.S. communities, Huntington-Ashland and Mc-Allen-Edinburg-Mission, Tex., nearly two in five residents are obese. Nationally, obesity rates may be rising because of healthy eating habits worsening in 2013. Obesity is linked to lower working productivity, which could negatively affect local and national economies.”

You are probably wondering, which are some of the cities that are the least obese, in other words healthier? Boulder, Colorado seemed to have been one of the thinnest cities with an obesity rate of a mere 12.4%. In fact the two nearby cities Fort Collins and Denver were even among the cities that were considered the least obese. A close second to Boulder, Colorado was Naples, Florida with an obesity rate of 16.5%.

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