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Allergy Season Is Coming Quicker Than You Would Think


Spring is a beautiful season, but it also has its flaws when it comes to talking about allergies. Plenty of people suffer from common allergies that have them dealing with difficulties throughout their daily lives, it’s something that can’t really be dealt with besides using the occasional allergy medicine. Many people can suffer from runny noses, sore throats, and even hoarse coughs when it comes to pollen season. The pollen itself hasn’t popped yet, so for not it seems like they don’t have much to worry about.

allergie“Usually the first few weeks of the spring pollen season is really not our pollens,” Dr Gary Steven stated, whom is from the Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center. Those who live in Wisconsin know the pollen problem first hand, as they deal with it on a yearly basis. When it starts to get warm an the pollen rides on in from the southern plains into Wisconsin, people can grumpier rather quickly. “People can be very, very miserable, but then the next day when the weather system changes and the north wings push that all back down, then it’s just gone. That’s the surest sign that it’s not our pollen, when you see the day to day difference.” stated Dr. Steven.

Although it may not really be their pollen, they still have to deal with it constantly, which can be pretty annoying when you’re dealing with it daily. They’re going to keep track and chart data pertaining the the pollen levels within the next six months, this should give them a better idea on how to tackle the problem in order to minimize the amount of “allergy days” people have to deal with.

Dr. Steven is looking for something that will allow him to spot specific trends, then he can use this to his advantage. “One of the big pieces of that puzzle is knowing what’s in the air and the best way to do that is to get up there and measure it.”, said Dr. Steven

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