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Alcoholism Treatment Makes the Home a Better Place for Children


A recent research conducted by Meadow’s Edge Recovery Centre in North Kingston, Rhode Island shows that men who undergo alcoholism treatment improves self-health as well as makes the house a better place for children. The study found out that households in which men had alcoholism issues showed more conflicts and issues in comparison to non-alcoholic fathers. When these alcoholic men go for the addiction treatments and recover, the conflict level automatically reduced and was almost equal to a normal family.
According to Dr. Daniel Rounsaville, lead of this study and a renowned psychologist stated that treating alcohol dependent patients is a very complicated process. However, it is good news that when alcoholism is treated, it not only benefits the individual but also improves the family system. In an interview with the Reuters Heath, he stated that the trickle-down effects of alcoholism treatment are for larger good.

The study was conducted by taking into consideration 67 Massachusetts couple in which the male partner was taking treatment for alcoholism. All these couple had children aged between 4 and 16. At the beginning of the study, father and the partner were requested to fill out a questionnaire even before the treatment had begun. The same was asked to be done at 6 months and 12 months during the treatment course. Simultaneously, 78 couples who also had children between the age of 4 and 16, but with the father not having any alcohol issue was asked to fill out the same questionnaire.

As per the study report, questionnaire consisted of questions related to conflicts in the family regarding discipline issues, financial issues, verbal as well as physical hostility. Lower scores showed that the issues in the family were high.

When the questionnaire was analyzed, it showed that children who had alcoholic father witnessed high level of conflicts in house in comparison to children of non-alcoholic fathers. The average score of alcoholics household was 22.6 in comparison to 28.3 of the non-alcoholic families. However, 6 months questionnaire showed that the score had improved to 24.6 and then the 25.3 after 12 months of alcoholism treatment. Findings of this study were published in Addictive Behaviors, and it showed that fathers who showed relapse had worse scores.

Dr. Rounsaville stated that while a person is alcohol dependent, it not only affects the individual but also the family, and specifically the children. There are also lots of arguments and conflicts in the family. When a person takes treatment, it not only helps the person to stop drinking, but also reduces conflicts in the family and provides a peaceful life for the kids at home

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