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A Study Proclaims That Offering Circumcisions Should Be On The Same Pedestal As Giving Vaccines


The rate of circumcision has seen a rapid decline from the 1860s to the current era inside United States. Earlier it stood at 83 percent whereas today is stands at 77 percent. As we know that circumcision is not always necessary, but according to an academic Brian Morris, it is as important as providing immunization with vaccines. Since in the case of male offspring the odds against the risk stand at 100 is to 1.

Morris who serves as an esteemed professor in the School of Medical Sciences at the University of Sydney has found in his research that about 50 percent of uncircumcised men suffer from foreskin related problems, as it is not removed as during circumcision. Circumcision also helps prevent against urinary tract infections (UTIs) and hence keep the kidney of a new born in good shape.

These path-breaking observations make it important for doctors and other health consultants to advice circumcision for a new born as equally as they prescribe vaccination for them. Being biased and not offering circumcision will be treated as unethical in accordance with the code of research findings. As circumcision does not lead to delay in delivery, it reduces birth risks exponentially.

Finally, Morris conveyed that all the findings of his study should send out a positive message among medical practitioners, medical councils, policy makers, government organizations, educators, insurers and other professional bodies. They should spread awareness about it among the masses more so among the poor families and carry out this simple process with the help of local anesthesia.

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