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A Promising Study Regarding Agios’ Experimental Leukemia Drug Benefits


The drug that is in its own right experimental seems like it has the benefits that we’ve been looking for. Agios has developed a drug that is used to combat the cancer activity that occurs within leukaemia patients. The study, although tiny, showed rather promising results regarding the uses and the implementation rate they could use regarding this medicine.
The trials tested the drug developed by Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc, and it showed impressive results within a small Phase I study of patients (specifically inflicted with relapsed acute myeloid leukaemia, more so known as AML). The data was presented on Sunday, and is said to be the beginning of more wonderful things to come. Out of the seven patients whom were tested during the trials six had “objective” responses to the drug, according to the researchers themselves.

Three of the patients had actually achieved complete remission, while two of them had achieved complete remission with an incomplete platelet recovery. This means that the leukaemia did, in fact exit their bone marrow, but the blood platelet count was not back to normal (not quite yet). “I’m very excited about what has happened with those patients so far who have responded,” stated Dr. Eytan Stein from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York. Dr. Stein also happens to be the lead investigator on this particular study.

AML is the most common type of leukaemia that is contracted by adults, it’s a cancer that develops in the blood and bone marrow; it’s rather fatal and progresses incredibly quickly if it isn’t treated early. “If results are confirmed in upcoming, larger trials, that would be a remarkably exciting results,” stated Dr. Stein, standing by his endorsements of the first-class drug to battle leukaemia

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