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A New Test to Accurately Determine Cancer

Determine Cancer

Very soon there will be a fast and easy way to detect cancer and diagnose even the type of cancer via a simple blood test. Researchers even say that they will be able to detect the stage at which the cancer is with this new improved blood text.

Determine Cancer

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine state that the purpose of this extremely sensitive test is to broadly detect many types of cancers accurately. When tested, they were successful in trying to identify about 50% of the people who participated in the study with Stage – I lung cancer and it included all patients whose cancers were at a much more advanced stage. Maximilian Diehn, assistant professor of radiation oncology said, “We set out to develop a method that overcomes two major hurdles in the circulating tumor DNA field.”

In the absence of treatment, cancer cells are regularly multiplying and dying. As they die, they release DNA into our bloodstreams. These are like tiny genetic warning triggers. If researchers are able to detect and read these triggers by picking up even one of these messages, then this will give doctors a chance to act quickly. They can even keep a track of the tumor without agitating it and find out how big or small it is. That is not all; they can even keep tabs on a person’s response to the treatment and how the mutations in the tumor tend to evolve over time.

“The vast majority of circulating DNA is from normal, non-cancerous cells, even in patients with advanced cancer. We needed a comprehensive strategy for isolating the circulating DNA from blood and detecting the rare, cancer-associated mutations. To boost the sensitivity of the technique, we optimized methods for extracting, processing and analyzing the DNA,” said Bratman, a postdoctoral scholar.

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