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A New Novartis Drug Might Be A Breakthrough In Heart Failure Reduction


A new drug taken out by the pharmaceutical giant Novartis, called LCZ-696 under PARADIGM-HF category, is claimed to be very effective in preventing heart failure. The new drug was released after much speculation in the company and aims at reducing the deaths due to heart failure and strokes.
The drug is a first of its’ kind Angiotensin Receptor Neprilysin Inhibitor (ARNI) which helps in overcoming cardiovascular problems. The disclosure and subsequent announcement of the drug was made after many rounds of trial testing and inspections. And coming from such a reputed stable, the drug can be believed to have gone through enough safety checks and clinical trials.

Today there are only very few therapies and medical products that can show or react to heart failure and cure it efficiently so that the chances of recurrence are diminished. This drug is a breakthrough in this field as it can successfully inhibit heart failure due to blockage and prevent deaths in most cases.

The medical fraternity has reacted enthusiastically to the news of the release of this drug. Some are skeptical as it is a new product and not tried enough to be launched full fledgedly in the market. But others believe the company and are willing to try the new drug, especially now that it has received approvals and licenses from major regulators.

Though the product is highly beneficial, it might have its’ own harms. It still remains to be seen whether it can stand tall on its’ promise of reducing heart failure rates.

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