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7 Servings Of Fruits And Vegetables A Day To Keep The Doctor Away


A study has shown that having seven servings of fruits and vegetables as a part of your daily diet regime decreases the chances of dying by 42% on an average. The study also indicates a lower chance of developing heart diseases and cancer by following a diet plan having more of vegetables.
The study was conducted on a sample of 65,000 healthy people who did not have any chronic illnesses. The period of study was between 2001 and 2008. Different sets of people were asked to eat according to plan, from three to seven servings of fruits and vegetables. They were reviewed and evaluated regularly by the researching team.

The results were astonishing. People ate about 3.8 daily servings on an average and their susceptibility to cancer reduced by 25% while that to heart disease reduced by 31%. Furthermore, the change was more prominent and perceptible among vegetable lovers as compared to non lovers. People who took up to seven servings benefitted the most over the years as compared to those who took lower.

Although, certain facets of the study might be flawed like people might have taken more or less servings than what prescribed to them, or given fake data in some cases. However, after taking all factors into account, the research was concluded and data was published.

Hence, eating more vegetables can greatly benefit your body and make you live longer and stronger. If the intake is 7 times a day, you can hope to live almost half the number of years longer.

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