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64 Suspected of MERS in Malaysia Have Been Kept under Quarantine


Reports from Kajang Hospital, in Malaysia stated that 15 people have been kept under quarantine after they had come in contact with a 54 year man who died of MERS. Further 49 more suspected from the village of the deceased has been kept in quarantine in different hospitals.


MERS is abbreviated as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome that is caused by a type of coronavirus. It has affected the Middle East countries and killed over 11 people which 50% death rate. The infection causes acute respiratory problems like difficulty in breathing, severe coughing, fever and when not treated results in death.

Dr Subramaniam from Kanjan Hospital reported that all these 15 people who have been suspect to have been affected with MERS have been kept under constant monitor to see if they show any symptoms for the disease. He further added that they will be under quarantine for 42 days.

This 54 year old victim had returned from his trip to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. He had boarded the Turkish Airlines TK93 and TK60 on March 29. He died of complications due to the disease recently in the Sultanah Nora Ismail Hospital, Johar. Malaysian Health Ministry has alerted the co passengers who travelled in the same flight to immediately contact the ministry to check for infections.

Dr Subramaniam stated to the reporters that the source of infection in the deceased is yet to be identified. Further, a warning has been issued to all passengers travelling to Umrah to stay alert and to stay away from any farms and specifically from camels. Further he added that even the pilgrims have been strictly instructed on self hygiene and asked to wash hand regularly.

A warning message has also been issued to those who travelled on the Turkish airlines on March 29, their family and friends who could have possibly come in contact with the victim to contact the ministry immediately between 8 AM and 5 PM (Monday to Friday) on 603-88810600/0700 or 013-6699700.


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