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Why is the rate of autism increasing at an alarming rate?


Yes, the number of children who are diagnosed with autism has really surged and it has risen to thirty percent in the last twenty four months. As per the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, at least one out of 68 kids suffers autism. As per the surveillance network of autism of year 2000, there was one out of 150 kids who were affected. This means the count has increased.
With medical science progressing and specific centres for identifying developmental disabilities and birth defects, it is possible to diagnose, identify autism affected kids and steps are taken to serve these communities. As per Robert Ring who holds the post of Science officer in charge at the Autism Speaks, there has been no specific research to identify what causes Autism. It has been established that boys are diagnosed of autism as compared to girls. The intelligence level of the autistic child is much low and this was established in year 2010.

CDC programs cover States like Wisconsin, Maryland, Arkansas and Arizona where there have been cases of autism. A number of autism therapies and assessments are available but these are expensive. It has further been established that insurance companies should cover an annual amount of 36000 USD for autism therapies and behavioral programs for kids who suffer from autism. It is now possible to identify kids with these autism tendencies or behavioral disabilities and accordingly the child can be treated. Symptoms like failure to smile, express emotions, and eye contact are few signs to look out for. Pre screening tests may be organized to identify initial signs of autism.

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